Ares Ceylan

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Header photography by Hugo Lehnhardt

Photography by Bo-Christian Riedel-Petzold

About Ares

Ares Ceylan was born in Basel (Switzerland) in a Turkish-Italian family and always navigated between three different cultures.
That’s why he’s often interested in genre blends and stories about people, who are trying to find their place in the world.
He loves dark comedies and even darker dramas. He likes ambivalent protagonists, who make ill-considered decisions, lie about their weaknesses and try to hide the truth from others and themselves.  

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Film Studies from the University of Zurich and graduated 2023 as a director from the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg.
For five years he worked at a film production company in Zurich as an in-house director and editor for commercials and short films.
His shorts won several national and international awards and in 2020 he was honored with the Swiss Television Treatment Award for his first feature length project.

Ares is based in Basel and Berlin, where he’s working as a writer & director.


Filmography (Selection)

2023 Ich bin der Architekt meines Lebens (Short, Writer & Director)
2021 Ein Mord frei – Pubertäter (Series Pilot, Director)
2020 Männerabend (Short film, Writer & Director)
2020 Wir und das Böse (Series Concept Trailer, Director)
2020 Beyond Life (Spec-Commercial, Writer & Director)
2019 Schwarz auf Weiss (Short Film, Director)
2019 Innerlich tot (Short film, Writer & Director)
2018 DeSede Leder (Commercial, Director & Editor)
2017 MEIN (Short film, Writer, Director & Editor)
2016 MyWorld Swiss Life (Commercial, Director & Editor)
2015 ZKB Paymit (Commercial, Director & Editor)
2015 Flyer (Commercial, Director & Editor)
2015 Puppenspiel (Short Film, Writer & Director)
2013 Schulanfang, Achtung Kinder! (Short film, Writer, Director, Editor)